Meet Agile & Automation Days 2018 speaker- Viktor Slavchev

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Have you ever heard the story that your job is automatable, that all the human testers will be replaced by machines or automated tests and you will lose your job? Do you thik this is possible? Does it make you afraid? 

Meet Agile and Automation Days speaker Viktor Slavchev and listen to his beginner level session to learn practical view comparing human intelligence to machine one, realistic view of the abilities human tester has, what makes them unique and untranslatable to a machine. Additionally, get practical advice how to promote and develop skills that make you stand out, even when compared with machines.

Viktor is a software tester who sees testing as a scientific activity, process of evaluation of quality, exploration, of questioning, modeling, experimentation, risk assessment and gathering of information in general. His non-technical (but linguistics) background gives him a unique perspective and a lot of diverse experience which is always something that is beneficial in software testing.

Join Viktor’s talk and testing resistance to fight on the side of intellect against the evil machine army.

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