Meet Jit Team – Agile & Automation Days Main Sponsor!

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The 2019 edition of Agile & Automation Days wouldn’t be possible without the support of our Main Sponsor, Jit Team

Jit Team gathers a large group of experts on software development. The Teams they build have completed many projects for industries, such as: fashion, aviation, banking, and many more. Their expertise, when it comes to both: technologies and team building, have proven to be the ultimate key to success.

Jit Team is all about four main values – HUMAN, TECH, TEAM, and FAIR PLAY.

HUMAN, because Jit Team is defined by its employees and clients, who cooperate with them making Jit Team greater. Building strong human relationships is the priority.

TECH, because they develop high quality software for their clients using the most suitable technologies.

TEAM, because they are experts on building teams of specialists suited to the needs of the clients. They constantly reach for more and enrich their range of skills.

FAIR PLAY is an inherent part of cooperation with Jit Team. They are fair, always.

Be sure to visit Jit Team’s stand during the Conference.
Visit the website: