Call for Proposals 2019

This year Bart and Mirjana had a tough job – find a theme reflecting the current state of software development which will also be valuable and relevant in the future.

They decided to take two steps back and look at the conference name, Agile & Automation. What does two words have in common? Both are well known practices helping teams deliver high quality software faster.



Nowadays everyone is talking about delivery – how can we deliver, what will be delivered, how fast can it be delivered. Being fast is good, being fast and hitting the right target is perfect. We can reach this only by ensuring quality while we deliver fast. Therefore the topic of this year’s edition is “Delivery at Speed” while not jeopardising the quality.

We’re looking for people who would like to share their stories, case studies, experiments, showcase how their work benefited delivery speed and quality. Some of the subtopics we think pair well with the theme:

  • Tools, practices, and techniques that help us Deliver at Speed
    – Improvements in Development Experience
    – Pipelines and automation
    – Continuous improvement
    – Overcoming constraints, queues, cycles
  • Quality strategies and gates necessary in Delivering at Speed
    – Shift left in cross-functionals
    – Understanding and defining quality attributes for products
    – Risk management
    – Finding balance between preventive and reactive measures
  • Change and its effect on Delivery at Speed
    – Elastic leadership
    – Cross functional teams vs full cycle engineers
    – Coping with change
    – Moving team mindset from outcomes to outputs
  • Finding the right speed
    – Customer stories and expectations
    – Organisational constraints
    – Evolution over revolution.

If you are already Delivering at Speed you can find at this conference edition interesting ideas how to either speed up or increase quality, or even both.
If you are not Delivering at Speed, this is your chance to gather different knowledge and experience on the topic and find a way to implement it in your organisation.
Even if you think it will not be applicable to your context, that you don’t need to Deliver at Speed, come open minded and you might be undeceived.

We think this year theme is not only attracting testers – the obvious quality advocates, but also:

  • Developers who want to develop fast and not jeopardize the quality
  • Project and product managers who want to become more aware of release processes, ways of delivery and associated risks so they can make the right decisions
  • Software architects who care about this topic very much, and are always looking for ways to improve delivery pipelines
  • IT managers, looking for new ways to improve organization of their teams and use all the potential they can see in their people
  • Designers, performance and security experts, who work closer with development teams, teach others, and become champions inside organisations, to reduce queue time and reach optimal delivery
  • Coaches who help people and organisations reach their limits.


Does the conference sound interesting and you have a story to tell? We’re looking for the following forms of expressions, all done in English:

  • 30 minute presentations,
  • 45 minute presentations,
  • 90 minute coding sessions,
  • 150 minute short workshops,
  • plus other forms you’d like to share with us.


Benefits for speakers

  • Opportunity to present knowledge in front of a large and demanding auditorium
  • Free participation in the entire conference and other accompanying events
  • Registration of (selected) presentations and their online publication via Agile & Automation Days YouTube channel
  • Accommodation in a hotel – two nights stay (27-29/10/2019)
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses:

– limit travel for Poland: 500 PLN
– limit for travel from Europe: 250 euro
– limit for travel outside Europe: 500 euro.


Abstract submission closed

The heads of the Programme Committee of this year’s conference who evaluate applications are Mirjana Kolarov and Bart Szulc.