Jakub Rosiński

BEC Poland / Nykredit | Poland

BIO: Test Manager with huge interest in soft skills and strong technical background. Worked for multiple international companies and found his place in open and trusting environment of Scandinavian workplaces. Tested on different testing levels and had fun helping to improve very different applications. Keen on working in agile and making it deliver. Test manager during the day trainer and speaker whenever the opportunity arises!

STAND-UP: Testing is like sex. When they are (good), they are very similar.

Session level: beginner

This is more of a stand up comedy show than a real presentation.
I’ve found a number of similarities between testing and sex and I am really willing to share them with the audience. The format, however, makes you (your brains – they are guilty!) do all the connections.

I will be talking about testing only and once the statements of how our testing career is progressing will be made, you may be finding some unexpected similarities. Some of them are just interesting, some are really funny – some may be sad (the more senior and experienced tester we are, the less hands on testing we do).

Presentation slides consists of a few drawings that are only a background to our journey.
Can you figure out more similarities?


  • Fun
  • Changed perspective.